April 2018 in Review

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April has definitely been a "hopping" month!  Easter week is one of the busiest weeks we have here at Cuba Manor.  After tons of candy was collected, a group of residents gathered at our big round table with their coffee cups and began stuffing eggs with the donated candy.  The residents had so much fun stuffing over 1000 eggs; laughing as their eggs went rolling across the table or popped open from being too full.  Each one was excited to see the faces of the children as they hunted the eggs.

On the Friday before Easter, several gathered in our Wicker Room for an indoor picnic.  The food, treats, games and prizes were the talk of the entire building!  However, the true excitement began on that following Monday when the Easter Bunny showed up!  He hopped around our home, hiding eggs for the "Big Kids" to hunt.  Their egg hunt was followed by punch, cupcakes and pictures with the Easter Bunny.  That afternoon, the children from the community came flooding in, baskets in hand!  First, they had their pictures taken then they went on a wild egg hunt.  Kids were everywhere and the residents were helping to lead them to all of the hidden eggs!

Also, in April, we were invited to Knights of Columbus for an all-day senior Bingo event.  So, we loaded up the van and 3 vehicles and headed out for the day.  It was a great adventure for all of our Bingo fans and no one walked away empty handed!  For lunch, we splurged on some delicious pizza, hot and fresh from Pizza Hut. 

Tammy Blunier won the first door prize of the day which was a gift card to Wal-Mart.... she was over the moon about winning!  Her winnings didn't stop there because she was the big winner for the day too!  Thank you to all that put this event together.  We appreciate all of your hard work and had a wonderful time!

Cuba Manor would like to wish a very happy birthday to all our residents that have birthdays in April.  Tim Garrison 4/2, Edwina Britton 4/3, Leroy McPherson 4/4, Harold Cunningham 4/8, Chloe Nisbet 4/14, Mark Scott 4/15, Reggie Glasco 4/25, Della Reeves 4/28 and Bette Davis 4/29.

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Common Misconceptions

Monday, April 16, 2018

Common Misconceptions of the Skilled Nursing Home  by: Christine Young

Cuba Manor, located at 210 Eldon Avenue in Cuba, MO offers a wide range of services to care for their residents and their varying level of needs.  Today, I would like to talk to you about some of the most common misconceptions people have in regards to the nursing facility industry.

"I'm Too Young"

Over the decades, skilled nursing facilities have evolved into homes.  The population in the facility is no longer the traditional "grandma and grandpa" types that everyone may assume are here.  We are here for the needs of all adult ages.  Recently, we were honored to care for a 37 year old man that was in a vehicle accident.  The joy of watching him regain his strength to return home to his wife and children was a true blessing.  He now visits us routinely and takes other residents out for the day to enjoy the sunshine.  Our residents currently range in age from 48 to 101.  The age variance is proof that all generations can unite and live comfortably together.

"It's a Prison"

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Our residents with capable mindset, roam our town on a daily basis.  Our Activity Department coordinates trips to Wal-Mart, barber shops, etc. and has outings on a regular basis to get residents out of the building and enjoy the great outdoors and company of others.  So far, the visit to the llama farm was the biggest hit this year!  The wife of one of our residents has a farm and she allowed us to come hang out for the day, feed the llamas and have a wonderful picnic lunch!

"People Just Go to a Nursing Home to Die"

Well, let me reassure you that this is the largest misconception of them all!  Seven days a week, a therapy team is here working with residents and strengthening them to prepare to return back into the community with their families and friends.  From hip fractures to dislocated shoulders, our therapists are here to help our residents heal!  We also offer outpatient therapy that gives your loved ones a chance to participate in therapy while remaining in the community.

"Nurses Are Only Here for a Paycheck"

Nurses and CNAs are professionals that love, care and protect your loved ones when you are unable to be here.  Staff in ALL departments develop personal relationships and soon become like family.  All residents are being cared for and we pull together as a team to show the compassion and integrity that the people around us deserve.

For more information about the many options our facility has to offer or to tour our home, please contact Cuba Manor at 573-885-4500.

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